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The beauty-industrial complex

July 21, 2008

I’m a huge sports fan, especially college basketball, mens and womens. Long time season ticket-holder at a competitive eastern university. To me, if there was going to be a place in our society where someone is judge purely on their ability and not their appearance, it would be sports. Obviously that view just reflects on my naiveté of how all-pervasive the association of attractiveness and a woman’s value really is.

From ESPN:

When it comes to makeup, the most common product used is mascara. Most athletes wear the waterproof kind so it doesn’t come off when sweating. Some players use Maybelline or Mac, others use Loreal or Sephora. Each brand has its own perks, whether it makes eyelashes look longer, is cheaper or just a brand to which one has grown accustomed.

. . .

“Well actually if I could wear face makeup during games I would,” Earl admitted. “I just get nervous because it smears, so actually that’s why I go tanning. I think girls are cuter when they’re tan.”

Seriously? Mascara? When you’re playing a sport that is going to have sweat pouring down your face and into your eyes all game? Sigh.

Smelling good before the game is another thing girls take pleasure in.

“I do spray perfume on my jersey,” Earl said. “I just like to smell good because I like girls who smell good. I wear Paris Hilton right now, but I’m looking to change, looking to mix it up a little.”

I got nothing.